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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions (Best Shop) in Delhi India offer Low Cost Good Permanent Hair Extensions in Delhi Price, Clip-In or Clip-On Natural Human Hair Extension Parlor in Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad India.

What is Hair Extensions?
Hair Extension was by and large ensue in Women’s only not in Male which exploit to enlarge hair length along volume instantly with append strand by strand means append hair by hair so recognized as Integration or addition of supplementary natural human hairs by non-surgical hair replacement procedure connote replace by additional natural human hairs.

Is Hair Extensions are permanent or temporary hair treatment for baldness?
Both techniques are accessible in hair Extensions:-
In Permanent hair Extensions there are dissimilar procedures like keratin fusion hair extension, Micro Loop/ring/bead hair extensions, braided tree extension and half weave full lace extensions.
In Temporary hair extensions that procedure can by carry on by
Clip-In or Clip-On Hair Extensions, Tape-In extension and Skin weft hair extensions.

In hair Extensions Natural Human hairs are employed or Synthetic/Artificial one?
Both hairs are used to make hair extensions. Natural Human hair has much more cost than synthetic or artificial hairs but human hair behavior just like natural hair shampooing, smoothing, make any color, ironing to curl them straight one change any hair style life of these natural human hair extensions are much higher than nylon one along look alike real natural hairs but Synthetic or Artificial look identical as nylon duplicate shinny one.

How much Cost of Hair Extensions at salon varies as per technique price fluctuate?
In Human natural hairs there are 2 dissimilar variety of hairs like virgin natural human hairs which are raw hairs means unprocessed or without chemical treated hairs which has low price than Remy natural human hairs which are chemical treated hairs which has high cost best brand and deal in natural human hairs, these are accessible in single drawn or double drawn or triple drawn chemical treated hairs. 
Another variation in price as per type of natural human hair extensions you opt like most costly was permanent keratin fusion hair extension along Micro loop/ ring/ bead hair extensions then less price category Tape-In & Clip-In hair extensions are accessible in the market with best deals.

                          Information regarding Hair Extensions:-
1) Hair Extensions not only employed to elongated hair length but also any desired volume which was the best hair loss treatment for thinning hair suffering female.
2) hair extensions not only applicable in hair loss or baldness cases, but that can be useful if someone has full head of hairs and she want to lengthen the hair length as well as quantity that is the best look transform procedure that is why very popular in Hollywood & Bollywood Actresses.
3) Both techniques accessible in Temporary Clip-In or tape-in hair extensions whenever you want she want to use it otherwise put it out. Permanent hair extensions were fixed for 3 to 4 months as per growth of individual after that period you has to come out for service. We provide hair extension services at our Delhi based Parlor.
4) In natural human hair extensions, you can put any color shade along make any hair styling akin to curl them, straight one, smoothing, rebounding, spa etc.
5) non-surgical instant result oriented worldwide accepted procedure
6) painless, trouble-free & simple straight forward low cost technique

                             Advantages of Hair Extensions:-
Level-headed price
Instantaneous consequence familiarized system
Appropriate for thinning hair loss sufferers as well as who has full head of hairs
Effortless directly presumptuous procedure
Modernize any hairstyle without damaging your natural existing hairs
Without doing color on natural hairs, you can put any colored strand on your natural hairs
No need to cut your existing hairs to make any style statement 
entail less important vow than hair patch or hair replacement system or silicon system
can be install in simple step procedure
secret of long glossy hairs of Bollywood or Hollywood Actresses
Flexibility in hair styling
Undertake  diverse colors without damaging your natural existing hairs
Effortless to sustain

                   Disadvantages or Side-effects of Hair Extensions:-
If permanent keratin fusion hair extensions not put it by professional hair technicians then chance of pull out natural existing hairs.
Not germane for front or crown vicinity of badness just for the side hairs only or best result in ladies who are suffering for thinning hairs problem
Merely for ladies not for Men
Hair Extension services can be execute by professional hair expert not take service by normal hairstylist parlor
Only applicable for specified area not for entire head
Clip-on may be excruciating
Costly than normal salon services
May cause roots of hair smashed
Seize assortment of period

PHC deal in ponytails, clip-in or clip-on hair extensions, fusion hair extensions, bonding hair extensions, keratin hair extensions, weaving hair extensions, micro ring or micro loops hair extensions, fringes and bangs. Users can install clip-in hair extensions by themselves but they would need the assistance of PHC professionals for installing keratin / fusion / micro ring / weaving type hair extension. These extensions last for approximately 3 to 4 months. Actually, its functional life depends on users hair growth and takes care of hair extension.

PHC provides all types of hair extensions running currently worldwide & also attachment services regarding them.

1) Clip-in Hair Extensions (Temporary Hair Extensions):-

This type of hair extension is appropriate only for those who want to use it as per their need and then lay it down. It is very effective and fashionable these days. PHC offers this extension in nearly every color, texture and length (curly, straight & wavy) which is in vogue globally. These extensions are conducive to backcombing with soft hands and sound grip. Clip-in Hair Extensions are very versatile, durable and value for money product. It is available in synthetic and human hairs.

2) Bonding Extensions (Permanent Hair Extensions):-

In bonding extensions, we use hair bonding agent to a wafted hair area beyond the users existing real hair. Hypo-allergic hair bonding agent is utilized in it. This is the oldest technique and universally applied. Only professionals can be adept in using this technique. Soft bonding agent and hard bonding agent (globally known as super glue) are used in it. PHC predominantly use soft bond due to its flexibility.

3) Hair Fusion (Permanent Hair Extensions):-

Hair fusion is the latest and hottest selling product in the international market nowadays. Now available at PHC, it ensures remarkable flexibility and genuinely authentic original look. We use fusion glue gun to put together single strand of hair extension with single strand of user's hairs to ascertain completely natural & extraordinary look for 3 to 4 months. In fact, its life span is contingent on users hair growth and takes care of hair extension.

4) Keratin Hair Fusion by pre-tipped (Permanent hair Extensions):-

In this technique, we do attachment by melting pre-tipped nail hairs (made up of keratin bonding agent) through heat clamped to attach single strand of pre-tipped keratin hair to client's existing natural hair. Fusion attachment provides users a wonderful facility of washing hair frequently and can apply general hair products like hair gels. It is very lengthy process taking at least 3 hours or more. The user will require reattachment after 2-3 months according to the hair growth. Its a hot selling product nowadays around the world.

5) Micro Rings/ Loops (Permanent Hair Extensions) -

In Micro Rings/ Loops, we utilize tiny metal rings which are too small to be visible normally (frequently made up of aluminium) wrinkled with silicone. With the help of this we draw person's  natural hair by a special tool to tighten up and made a loop around real hair. It requires reattachment after 2 to 3 months according to the person's hair growth. Micro rings are very famous overseas due to its adaptability.

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